About Splimple

Splimple is now owned by Otter House Ltd if you wish to place any future orders, please contact us at splimple@otterhouse.co.uk or call us today on 01392 824300.

If you wish to contact the Splimple business in regard to business/orders prior to the 1st May 2023 please phone 07973 11032.

We won’t bore you with an ego-stroking history of how wonderful our company is and what super people we are to work with … all you really want to know is whether our products are right for your shop – and if they are, can we deliver them on time and will they sell?

You are the only person who can make the judgement as to what is right for your shop.  What we can tell you however, is that since establishing Splimple fifteen years ago, we’ve listened and learned from retailers about what tends to sell and what doesn’t – and with each new range we’ve tried to pour a little more wisdom and commercial nous into it. 

As far as service is concerned, we have representatives available to visit our stockists in most parts of the UK – but if you ring our Head Office on 01386 872752, you’ll find we’re able to help you with most of the questions you have. 85% of our orders leave our warehouse within 36 hours of receipt; we never substitute designs – and we’re always happy to share our best-seller information with you. 

Do our products sell?  Well, most of our orders come from existing customers, so that’s a good sign.  And we are flattered to have an extraordinary number of customers who have been stocking our Alison’s Animals and Wordies ranges for well over a decade, which is pretty amazing in what’s essentially a trend-based industry.  We keep all our ranges fresh and when slow sellers emerge (and they do of course), we delete them and never let our customers get stuck with obsolete stock.  All our cards are printed on high quality FSC certified boards.


If you’re really bored (or just nosey) and desperately want to know more about Splimple:   

Stuart Caldwell, a one-eyed bald man from Stratford upon Avon, founded the business in 2003, having spent 26 years in advertising (yes, he really is very old). He’s an awful (but irritatingly enthusiastic) guitarist, an author of fascinating (yet, oddly, unpublished) novels, an avid Hiker (but a rotten navigator) and is a little too keen on Aston Villa for his long-suffering wife Louise’s liking.  Incredulously, not one of their three children have ever displayed the slightest interest in joining the family firm. 

Stuart is not known for his dress-sense but does have a nice green Ted Baker sweater that he’s been sporting on special occasions for some years.  He has a penchant for Double Deckers and his favourite breakfast is half a grapefruit, followed by a ripe avocado, mashed into toast, with some olive oil.  Oh, and he’s got a bit of thing for Janet Street-Porter (though, who hasn’t?)  

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